Beta LED's Proven Quality


It's hard to miss the impact that LED technology is having on today's lighting designs. When looking for high quality outdoor LED products how do you tell the best from the rest?

When looking for high quality outdoor LED lighting products use the following criteria:

  • Does it meet IESNA LM-79 testing standards?  This means that the fixture has received a certified photometric report from an Independent DOE-accredited Testing Agency.  IES files on manufacturers LED fixtures should comply with LM-79.
  • What is the Life Data -- or Lumen Depreciation Value -- for the LED system as supported by IESNA LM-80 standards?  End of life for LED (known as L70) is the number of hours it takes the LED system to reach 70% of its output.  Make sure life data on each LED system is based on this criteria.
  • Are the appropriate Maintenance/Light Loss Factors being used?  Light Loss Factors vary between manufacturers and should take into consideration the junction temperature of the LED lamps.  Be aware of the rated life of the different LED systems and the effect this has on LLF reports.  An LED fixture that has a rated life of 100,000 hours has a very different LLF than one with a 50,000 hour life.
  • Side-by-side performance evaluation.  System performance measurements should consist of either independently verified and tested IES files or installations.  
  • Cost/value analysis.  Be sure to consider lighting performance, power consumption, maintenance and other such issues when comparing system costs.

For more information -- and to view case studies -- on how Beta LED meets the above criteria contact us at the CWA Lighting Group or visit  The image below is from a recent Beta LED installation at the TJ Maxx plaza in Manchester, NH.


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